Instead of eating a delicious hamburger and ice cream sundae for dinner, try this alternative instead! While a hamburger and sundae may be overflowing with unhealthy (but oh so appetizing) carbs and calories, this simple meal of fish, salad and rice is filling; yet good for you. A month back I snapped this shot of my version of a healthy meal. It consists of tilapia fish, basmati rice and a salad made with pecans, mangoes, spinach and strawberries with a bowl of mangoes on the side (can you tell I love mangoes?) On an everyday basis my mom nags me about eating healthier for a better dietary outcome in the future, but I’ve realized; she’s right! Eating healthy can boost your energy levels, put you in a better mood, protect you from MANY and if not most diseases and much more. Although I do always enjoy unhealthy snacks, one of my goals is to start eating better in the future. I hope I shed some light on the topic of healthy eating!


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